Kelp noodles stir fry...yes it was delish!

Thanksgiving hangover remedy? Kelp noodle stir fry

Did anyone else feel as foggy-headed and as lost in the kitchen as I did after Thanksgiving? It was rough for me. I attended two dinners, with a baby who … Continue Reading →

real chipotle

The end of my love affair with Chipotle?

My recent creation will probably not the end of our tumultuous relationship…but this salad will help with my on again, off again addiction to Chipotle salads. I don’t know about … Continue Reading →


Cooking adventures…Mizuna

One thing that I love about going to the farmer’s market is that I find new vegetables and fruits that I have not tried before. In this cooking series, I … Continue Reading →

Complete dinner

Turkey stuffed acorn squash

I have been enjoying preparing squash this autumn, and decided it was time to try a new one; acorn squash. I wasn’t sure how it would turn out but I … Continue Reading →

Finished Product

Birthday Dinner (Paleo style)

  Yesterday was my husband’s birthday. Since it was a Tuesday night, and we are picky eaters (usually), he requested that I make his favorite lamb dish and some type … Continue Reading →

Why I follow the Paleo lifestyle (mostly)

I thought it would be a good idea to share with you all why I live a mostly Paleo lifestyle. First, let me explain the basics of what the Paleo … Continue Reading →

I love the colors!

Family fun at the market

Today has been GREAT! It started with a wonderful mile walk where I was able to break a sweat and soak in some good vitamin D. And then, Naima and … Continue Reading →


Burger Wars

Ok so maybe it’s not a war, but it definitely was a competition. I went to Farm Burger on Thursday to celebrate Food Day with my family, and also to … Continue Reading →

GMOs on my anniversary

Sounds appetizing right? At the risk of revealing my nerdiness (and my husband’s), I wanted to share about my 2 year anniversary. I saw the post on Facebook about a … Continue Reading →

I love Truly Living Well

I knew that I loved Truly Living Well as soon as I learned about them. Truly Living Well Center for Natural Urban Agriculture, founded by Rashid Nuri, has various farms/markets where they … Continue Reading →