Thanksgiving hangover remedy? Kelp noodle stir fry

Did anyone else feel as foggy-headed and as lost in the kitchen as I did after Thanksgiving? It was rough for me. I attended two dinners, with a baby who hates the car, and ate a lot of food that my body loves to love… and reject at the same time. Let’s just say I am in the process of breaking my sugar addiction….again.  But there is light at the end of the tunnel. Creating a light stir fry using kelp noodles for the first time helped me break through my Thanksgiving fog.

So how did I end up cooking with kelp noodles?

As I roamed Whole Foods aimlessly on my first real trip to the grocery store (I went once with my husband but was just not in the mood and had a headache), knowing I had to buy something to make for dinner this past week, I came across kelp noodles. I have been reading about the nutritional power of sea vegetables, and not too long ago decided I wanted to try some kelp noodles out. As I was looking for coconut milk to cook with (to try out some new curry I recently purchased), I continued to look at the various products on the “international” aisle. Really, I was listening to a conversation about the competition between Whole Foods and Trader Joe’s by one of the WF employees, but I digress!

My eyes spotted packages of kelp noodles and I decided to throw it into my grocery cart of vegetables and other random purchases. (I cannot emphasize enough that I seriously was dazed and confused, roaming the aisles over and over, picking one thing up, and putting it back.)

I think these are the one's I bought, but I can't remember.

I think these are the one’s I bought, but I can’t remember.

So what’s all the fuss about sea vegetables? Well apparently, they are a great source of various minerals including calcium and magnesium. Kelp also contains vitamins B, C and E. It is also good for iodine which is important for thyroid functions. Now, the jury seems to still be out on the health benefits of kelp noodles, but it doesn’t seem like too bad of an addition to the repertoire. The ease of preparing the “noodles” is definitely a plus too. 

A kelp forest in the sea. (I had to look)

A kelp forest in the sea. (I had to look)

When I returned home and started to prepare dinner, I threw together the following ingredients:

Toasted Sesame Oil

Half of a yellow onion (what was left in the fridge)

Half of a red onion (what was left in the fridge)

Some fresh ginger

shredded carrots


chicken thighs

string beans (purchased for lunch but not eaten)

coconut aminos

pink Himalayan salt

kelp noodles

What kelp noodles look like by themselves.

What kelp noodles look like by themselves.

I heated the oil and threw the veggies in. I then added the chicken and let cook through. Lastly, I added the kelp noodles and allowed them to soften up a bit. The noodles were long by the way and so I cut them, although not too short. I seasoned throughout the entire cooking process, which took me less than 30 minutes.

Kelp noodles stir fry...yes it was delish!

Kelp noodles stir fry…yes it was delish!

This made a very light meal, which was exactly what I needed after eating so many rich Thanksgiving dishes for days.

The verdict? I will definitely be cooking with kelp noodles again…and again. It was super easy and I liked their texture. I may not use chicken thighs next time, and have thought to use salmon or shrimp to make it lighter. We will see. Phew. I am back in the kitchen again, trying new things. Are others still recovering like me? Anyone else love eating kelp and have any other tasty ideas of how to prepare them?



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